Gleaming white - Gleamwhite is withdrawn 1 months from my account during the trial period

Orlando, Florida 1 comment
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Gleamwhite is bogus teeth whittening company.They are working in tandum with another company on the same website.

They solicit your participation by claiming to provide this service for under $10.00. But, during the trial product period they go ahead and debit your account for the upcoming months AND they send you the product a month in advance. So along with the trial package you will have the actual product. To cancel you must receive a number which they try not to give you freely.

Whether you use product or not, they bill you.

It is clearly not about the product it's about the money.Also they are foreigners taking advantage of the American Free enterprise loop holes and are very arrogrant about it.

Review about: Tooth Whittening.



I saw them in Austin Texas and they did the same thing to me. Gleaming white is a joke.

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